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10 Best All In One Printer For Small Business Reviews For 2021

Travelling back in time, back then, we all needed to rewrite with our own hands to duplicate the exact same documents that bite a huge chunk of your time. Therefore, to solve all of the negativity and improve efficiency in doing our work, someone has finally invented a printing that works functionally like magic to make a copy as the same existing ones. On the other hand, in a small business, like normal coffee shops and small restaurants, we still need to have to print a document to save the data for continuous work.

Fax machines and scan machines are being sold separately from copy machines. To save both of your time and energy in picking high-quality 3-in-1 machines, we have made 10 choices for you to consider, which is an “All in One Printing Machine”.

10. Brother MFLC2710DW:

A heavy-duty constructed all in one printer is all you ever asked for. This model comes with a whole matte black design that looks expensive. The Brother printing consists of a lightning speed, printing up to 30pages in one minute. Not only that, this printer delivers an HD quality document for your work, since it is functioned with a laser system.

The total capacity of the paper in a container is 250pcs and refills automatically 50pcs at a time. The printing system works quickly by connecting with other devices like your computers, laptops and smartphones wirelessly. The machine allows you to make a dual side printing mode as well.

9. Brother MFLC2750DW:

This is another Brother printer brand that comes with the exact same features like the previous model, but with some additional features to add up to this model. What makes it different is about an extra cloud printing system on the printer’s screen that is applicable with google doc, dropbox and google drive.

It also runs by printing and scanning wirelessly between smart devices. Additionally, it also detects and scans types of documents, whether it is PDF, docx or other files.

8. HP LaserJet M428fdw:

As we know, a laser printer always delivers you with high-quality and good sight printing. It does the job by connecting wirelessly with both using WIFI and without WIFI. It also comes with both sided printing to save both of your money and environment. HP LaserJet M428fdw performs your added tasks in a blink of an eye with 440pages per minute.

A colorful touchscreen provides you information, regarding what’s going on in the machine. Not to mention that, this is functioned to save your energy by 22% better than normal printers.

7. Brother MFC-J5330DW:

A solid and superior quality and design is all dedicated to Brother MFC-J5330DW. It performs by wireless printing, which you can control on your mobile application or PC application. It is reputable for its silent machine construction along with a fast and clear INKJET printing system.

Thanks to its flexibility that promotes the efficiency of using this printing with different document formats and high-capacity in storing up to 250 papers. A duplex system is also included into this guy to save your papers and money.

6. HP OfficeJet 9025 Advanced:

Let’s take a glance appreciating this HP all in one printer that works like magic. 3 reconnecting phases with the WIFI printing technique is being added to this model to ensure more dependable and effective printing. There is an extra HP application that allows you to edit the file on it completely and detect the document format too.

HP OfficeJet 9025 Advanced would absolutely be compatible for small office space, since it is designed to be smaller than most of the printers. In addition to this, the printer delivers a total of 24 pages in one minute and 35 feeds per time.

5. HP OfficeJet 9015 Standard:

This would be another option to dive for, if you are seeking for a high-quality printer to place in your small space. This is functioned with a duplex printing system along with 22 repetitive pages of printing. Just like the previous model, HP OfficeJet 9015 Standard comes with 3 steps in network connection to ensure a smooth printing.

A color screen display is equipped for you to adjust and see more information during the printing process. It is also functioned with a “smart tasks” system for you to encrypt all of the data into the printing process with just only one click.

4. HP DeskJet 2622:

Why use an old fashioned printer when you’ve got this HP DeskJet 2622 in your hand? At a glance, it seemingly looks expensive and runs smoothly. This model is being certified as an Energy star that saves every bit of your electricity bill.

HP DeskJet 2622 permits you to print it anywhere and everywhere, even from distance with its smart app. Talking about its design, it is constructed to be ergonomic, which makes it a lot easier to store, when it comes to a small office space.

3. HP Envy 5055:

For superior performance, we can’t miss HP Envy 5055 in our list. If you’re concerned about installing all in one printer to make it work, this won’t be a problem for you to worry about anymore. HP Envy 5055 delivers a quick and easy installation in no time. It also gives you a clear and fast printing with the Instant Ink system.

Dual wireless band would definitely do a great job in printing with no disconnection. Besides, it is functioned with anti-border and dual side printing.

2. Canon TS5120:

If you are looking for a high-quality all in one printer and spice it up as a decoration in an aesthetic look, Canon TS5120 might be an option for you to consider. Canon is one of the most well-known brands among the digital industry. Just like this printer, not only it gives a nice and sleek design but also it is equipped with premium functions that meet your needs.

The printer comes with a small LCD screen with a variety of buttons for the settings. It works wirelessly between your smartphone or tablets or laptops directly to the printer with a quick installation. A superior and clear Ink system is provided for your documents and even collective sizes of photos that you are desired to print.

1. HP OfficeJet 3830:

Moving on to the very last product of the review that got so praises from the customers is HP OfficeJet 3830. This model comes with a prime matte balck design with a mini monochrome screen. HP OfficeJEt 3830 is made to be another laser printing that delivers a very clean and clear finished document in no time.

Despite serving as a laser printing, this printing has the same features as what other printers do- duplex printing, quick and easy installation and cloud printing. A thoughtful design with superior functions is what you need in a printer.


What are you hesitating about, when all of the products above work great functionally as it comes at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend you getting one of these, despite having to go to a printing shop or saving everything digitally. Getting one of these would be a perfect investment and you’ll be amazed by how well it could work for you.