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10 Best Designer Glasses Frame Reviews For 2021

Wearing glasses is popular among people around the world. Some people wear them for health reasons while some people wear them for daily style. However, no matter what purposes, people try to find the eyeglasses that make them look younger and more beautiful by choosing the right frames. The problem is that choosing the right frames might be hard since your face shapes differ from one another. However, with this article, you can feel secure.

Below are the 10 best design glass frames that are highly recommended.

10.Gucci 0004O 004 Transparent Light Grey Plastic Square Eyeglasses 53mm

The frame is made of plastic which is light and durable. Moreover, with non-polarized glasses, Gucci 0004O 004 can block a certain percentage of the light that passes through them.

These glasses are perfect for both men and women since the glass shape is square and they look classic and fashionable. Plus, the lens width and height are 53 and 42 millimeters respectively. Lastly, if you buy these glasses, you will get a pair of glasses, a Gucci case, a cleaning cloth, and paperwork.

9.Versace Women’s VE3175 Eyeglasses

These eyeglasses are designed for Women. With the plastic frame and eccentric style, Versace Women’s VE3175 Eyeglasses are often seen in the film and music industries. The arm is 140 mm while the bridge is 16mn.

Moreover, the polycarbonate lens will help improve your picture clarity, avoid scratch, and lightweight. Due to these, the eyeglasses provide comfortability to the users no matter how long or which weather conditions you wear them.

8.Eyeglasses Gucci GG 0026 O- 001 BLACK

Not different from others, Gucci GG 0026 O- 001 BLACK’s frame is made of plastic with the bridge, and arm length is 17 and 140 ml, respectively. Moreover, these glasses are designed specifically for females.

The lens size is 53 ml with the lens type is non-polarized. You already know that non-polarized glasses are helping you to improve your visuality and reduce the harmful UV rays to your eyes. Therefore, these shiny black glasses are your best assistant.

7.Ray-Ban RX7046 Rectangular Eyeglass Frames

With the rectangular shape and made of plastic, Ray-Ban RX7046 eyeglass frames are good in quality and look classic in American society. Moreover, these frames are not only popular in America but also in other countries around the globe.

Most importantly, the frames are durable and come with clear demo lenses that are replaceable with other types of lenses. Thus, if you want to change your lens, these frames are your choice and the best product.

6.Eyeglasses Versace VE 3218 GB1 Black, Black, Size 5317-140

You have just known the Versace model in number 9; now please get to know another Versace frame which is Versace VE 3218 GB1. The shape of the frames is square which looks elegant and fashionable for those who need high fashion.

Besides, the frames are made of plastic that makes it lightweight and durable. Due to these, the frames are suitable for those who need to wear eyeglasses for long hours without having pain on the nose or ear.

5.Ray-Ban RX5228 Square Eyeglass Frames

Come in 25 colors, Ray-Ban RX5228 frames are made of plastic which is durable and lightweight. Moreover, the appearance of the frames looks very stylish which is suitable for women rather than men. There are three sizes of lens such as 50 mm, 53 mm, and 55 mm.

Besides, on the 140 mm temple, there is a Ray-Ban metal logo while the bridge length is 17 mm. Lastly, if you buy these Ray-Ban RX5228 eyeglass frames, you will get a free case.

4.Ray-Ban RX7047 Rectangular Eyeglass Frames

With 54 mm and 56 mm lens width, the frames of Ray-Ban RX7047 Rectangular Eyeglass are made of plastic that is equipped with a demo plastic lens. In addition to these, the lens color map is transparent.

More importantly, the eyeglass frame shape is rectangular which is suitable for men and women all ages. Plus, the arm length of the 55mm lens is 140 mm while the bridge width is 17 mm. Last but not least, you can have a wise choice since there are 16 colors of the frames such as black, matte black, matte Havana, red Havana, transparent so on and so forth.

3.Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster Square Eyeglass Frames

There are 26 colors of frames; however, please note that some of them are not available due to the size of lenses such as 51 mm and 49 mm. With 51 mm size, the arm length is 145 mm while the bridge width is 21 mm. On the other hand, with 49 mm size, the arm length is 140 mm while the bridge width is the same as 51 mm size.

The frame is made of acetate material while the lens material is plastic. Overall, the frames’ important materials are acetate and plastic. Lastly, with these square frames, the frames are considered to be an intellectual look.

2.Versace Women’s VE1175B Eyeglasses

Made in Italy, Versace CE1175B eyeglasses are good in quality, durable, and easy to wear. However, unlike other frame models above, the frames of VE1175B are made of metal while the width of the lens is 53 mm and the bridge is 17 mm.

What you need to notice is that there is only one frame color that is gold and equipped with a clear demo lens. Due to Golden color and rectangular shape, these eyeglasses are perfect for men and women who value quality and high fashion.

1.Versace Women’s VE1163M Eyeglasses

The Versace model is still the highest recommended frame for users on Amazon. With Versace VE1163M, the glasses are non-polarized while the frames are made of metal with pale gold color.

Made in Italy, these eyeglasses are good in quality and provide users the comfortability and confidence. The rectangle shape of glasses would make you love and trust. Last but not least, the lens, bridge, and temple length are 52, 16, and 130 mm respectively.

In conclusion

It is important to choose the frames that fit your face. If not, you will look older and uglier than not wearing the glasses. The best option is to look at your face shape and try to find the frames that are suitable within 10 frames above since all of them are designed for every type of face shape.