10 Best Home Theater System Reviews For 2021

Built-in speakers of your tv give pretty decent sound quality but if you’re looking for a truly immersive sound experience while enjoying your tv shows, an upgrade to a set of home theater is what you will need. Home theater systems generally consist of multiple speakers, surround sound supports that will give you a genuine home cinema experience. Some companies offer bundle packages that include all the components for an easy set-up.

You can also purchase each item separately if you want to build an even more premium audio system in your room; though it can be more on the pricey side. This list will review 10 best home theatre systems of years to ease your selection process.

10. Polk Audio T-series

Comes in a bundle package of 5 items, this set is all you need to enjoy an amazing audio with surround sound at home. What you will get in this bundle includes 2x Polk T50 floor standing tower speakers, 1x T30 center channel speaker, 1 pair of T15 bookshelf speakers and 1x Powered subwoofer. The T50 floor standing tower speakers are well-known for being an excellent value for its price. Built with Dynamic Balance technology, it delivers immersive audio quality with surround sound and massive bass boost that will definitely blow you away. A home theatre set-up is not complete without the center-channel speakers.

The T30 center-channel speakers deliver detailed audio that enhance your movie or gaming experience. The powered subwoofer acts as a support for extra bass & punch offering a real thrilling experience with rich, deep sound. A complete full series set-up from the Polk’s T-series; T15 and T30, you can get a full-fledge 5.1 home theatre set-up that gives you brilliant audio experience that brings your music and movies to life.

9. Polk Audio MagniFi Max

The MagniFi Max series by Polk Audio is a sound bar type of home theatre system. With the 5.1 Dolby Digital technology, this set-up will bring you immersive and detailed surround sound that fills the room giving you an experience comparable to the one at the live concert or in a theatre. The voice adjust technology allows you to control the voice levels enhancing the sound quality.

It is also equipped with sound mode uniquely designed for movies, music and sports so that you can adjust to each suitable mode. The sound bar comes with a wireless subwoofer included to provide an even more dynamic sound.

8. Rockville HTS56

This complete set-up of home theatre by Rockville includes a subwoofer with built-in receiver, 2 front and rear speakers with 1 center channel speaker. The system has a peak power of 1000 watts that can deliver really loud and deep clear sound.

Each speaker is built with its own volume control function so that they can be adjusted individually. The subwoofer has a built-in receiver and bluetooth, so whatever source you’re playing the audio from, the sounds are coming from all 5 speakers giving you a brilliantly enhanced sound experience.

7. Sony STR-DN1080

Sony AV receiver gives you a true home theatre experience thanks to its auto calibration technology that creates cinematic surround sound optimise and perfectly adapts to your environment. With its dynamic set-up build, you can connect your media source more quickly and easily. What comes in the box along with the receiver is a microphone, FM wire antenna and a remote control.

6. Enclave Audio CineHome

Enclave Audio CineHome home theatre system offers a true wireless surround sound home theatre set-up. Be wire-free and still enjoy amazing home theatre experience with this set-up. With just one single plug of the AC power adapter, the system will be able to connect wirelessly to your subwoofer, speakers.

CineHome delivers 5.1 wireless surround sound at 24-bit uncompressed giving you genuine home theatre experience with outstanding audio performance at an affordable price and easy set-up.

5. Yamaha YHT-5950UBL

Setting up a home theatre system is easy with this Yamaha YHT-5950UBL. The system is wifi enabled comes in a package including 5 speakers, a subwoofer, a music cast AV receiver and 2 AA batteries. It brings together the absolute best of cinematic surround sound quality with various streaming options by bluetooth, wifi, Spotify connect and Airplay 2 and MusicCast.

It also works with Alexa as well. The system supports 4K video and Dolby Vision so you can enjoy a balanced, clear sound for any kinds of music or movies.

4. PYLE PD3000A Amplifier

The PYLE PD3000A AV receiver is perfect if you enjoy home karaoke as it’s 3000W peak power suitable for connecting to multiple speakers with 2-8 ohms that delivers high quality audio. It has a built-in bluetooth so you can stream your audio wirelessly or connect it to your tv soundbar speaker systems.

It also comes with audio playback features with front loading DVD/CD player, supports USB/SD card input for versatile audio streaming capabilities. The front panel is designed with a digital display meter for all the inputs and functions used. There is also a remote control that comes with it as well for easy distant adjustment.

3. Klipsch Reference

Klipsch Reference delivers a brilliant home cinema experience in a convenient take-home size. With exclusive technology and premium build of the system, this pack is perfect for bringing you the best surround sound experience in the comfort of your own space.

The wireless subwoofer is great at filling your room with enhanced audio quality even at low frequencies yet does not require much space in your room. The Klipsch Reference supports 5.1 surround sound system and is compatible with most AV receivers.

2. Logitech Z506

Logitech offers the most affordable home theatre system yet still delivers great performance despite its price. The multiple inputs make it easy and widely compatible with most media sources and able to deliver rich, deep 3D at 150W peak power in stereo 5.1 surround sound that fills the room balancedly. This pack includes 5 speakers which consists of 1 each of left, right, center channel and 2 rear speakers with 1 subwoofer.

1. Yamaha Yht-4950U

Yamaha Yht-4950U offers powerful, clear and room-filling 5.1 surround sound with 4K ultra HD that supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It is bluetooth enabled allowing you to easily connect to your favorite music streaming sites wirelessly from your smartphones. With this home-theater-in-a-box type, setting up a surround sound system at home is never a headache again.


Whatever type you’re keen on, setting up a home theatre is still a big investment. That’s why you’ll need to carefully decide and consider the best options available to choose which type of home theatre that best suits your needs. Hopefully our list of the 10 best home theatre systems above helps to simplify the process for you.