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9 Best Inflatable Boat Reviews For 2021

Some people love to spend their weekend or holiday on the water with family and friends. There are many recreational activities you can do on the water and boating is definitely one of the most popular activities. Riding a bigger boat is a fun experience, however an inflatable boat will give you the opportunity to be your own captain at a very low cost.

In order to maximize the fun during your playtime on the water, it is a good idea to get an inflatable boat. There are many types and brands available on the market, if you ever doubt about which one to choose please let our top 9 picks below be your great consultant.

9. Intex Mariner 4

Mariner 4 from Intex is the best companion for campers going on fish hunting journeys. It can work perfectly on large lakes and small ponds. You really do not have to question about the durability of this boat as it is made of super thick vinyl that comes in 3 layers. The exteriors are made of polyester mesh coated by 0.65mm PVC plastic to strengthen the ability to withstand sunlight and other damages. In order to set up, you only need to inflate all the chambers which can also be easily deflated if you wish to.

On the other hand, the structure of the boat is very rigid, and it also has an option for you to attach the 3.0 horsepower motor mount, so you can enjoy the full capacity of the boat cruise. After use, you can remove the motor and disable it for the convenience of travelling.

8. SereneLife

SereneLife introduces you to a small inflatable water tube that can fit 2 people. This is a unique towable tube that comes in an air-cushioned seat look with a tow point at the front. Plus, it has a back support that allows you to rest your back comfortably and enjoy the water ride. If we take a closer look, it is made of resistant material such as thick nylon and PVC that maximize its ability to withstand fading and damage.

Attached with the backrest and the seat surface are the handles for the rider to hold on to in order to secure and stabilize themselves during a speedy cruise. Moreover, it is also easy to set up, your water tube is ready to use once inflated and you can quickly deflate and roll it up for storage after use. Even better, it can accommodate all places ranging from ocean, river and pool.

7. Intex

Challenger K2 is another boat from Intex that is great for a family of two. This green kayak-style inflated boat comes with 2, 86 inches long, aluminum oars for you to paddle on. Its design comes with 2 air-cushioned cockpit seats to maximize your comfort. Both the seats and the main chamber are made with high quality vinyl that make it very strong, resistant to UV damage and guarantee to last for a very long time.

This is very portable for your travel as it can be easily deflated, additionally it’s attached with a grab line on the front and the end of the boat for convenience in carrying. Purchase this boat now to get an air pump free of charge.

6. Bestway

You can never have a fun pool party without this cool floatie from Bestway. This float has a large space that can fit up to 6 people with surrounding backrests, 6 cup holders, including a cooler bag in the middle. Adding to that, it comes with a detachable mini-roof that enables you to have fun even on a hot sunny day. Talking about durability, it is made of strong and high-resistant PVC which makes it applicable for various water settings.

Even better, you do not have to worry about maintenance if it accidentally rips because you are backed up by the attached repair patch that will come in handy if the incident happens.

5. Max4out

Here comes another raft from Max4out. For its ridged look, this boat is ideal for most water sporting activities with a group of 4. The exterior is made of military-grade PVC coating which is robust and long-lasting. At the same time, the base is equipped with super thick material to protect from punctures by rock or sand.

Attached to the body, are the oars that were built to support rowing activity. Designed with safety in mind, you can separate the internal air in order to turn it into a lifesaving raft in time of emergency.

4. Intex

Next, we have Excursion 4 which is the latest model from Intex. Its design features two seats facing each other which is great for a romantic and bonding environment. Vinyl material is used in the making of this product in order to enhance its toughness and comfort. For safety and security, it has a surrounding grab-line to accommodate the purpose of carrying.

In addition, it has a detachable motor mount, so you can attach and expand the capacity of the cruise in a blink. This boat can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people and it is great for fishing activity as it has a built-in pouch and holders to store the fishing rods.

3. Intex

Again, we have another inflated kayak from intex called Explorer K2. This bright yellow boat has two cockpit seats which is ideal for adult water sporting activities. It is designed to encourage exercising as it comes with 2 oars for you to row on.

In addition, it has 3 air chambers and an i-beam base to enhance stability during the ride. Moreover, this boat has a standard and quality that you can rely on as it was certified by national marine manufacturers.

2. Intex

Further, we are touching on Intex Seahawk 2. This is another great fisherman boat as it has built-in storage for the fishing rods and other necessary fishing equipment. The oars are locked to the body of the boat to prevent slipping and allow you to paddle comfortably. Parallelly with the edges lies the grab-line for easy support during your cruise.

You can have a speedy inflation or deflation as it comes with 2 Boston valves and an air pump to support you in the inflating process.

1. Intex

Last but not least, we have an upgrade in capacity of Excursion, called Excursion 5. This premium boat is constructed from tough vinyl material which is resistant to puncture and damages. This model has its quality approved by the US coast guard to give you a peace of mind when buying.

Especially, it comes with a detachable motor with the power of 1.5 horsepower, so you can have an option not to drain your energy for cruising. Most importantly, this product comes with a free of charge repair kit when maintenance is necessary.


As our products introduction has come to an end, now it is time to get sporty and have fun with your best selection of the inflatable boat recommended.