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10 Best Large Room Air Purifier Reviews For 2020

When decking our homes with all sorts of furniture and equipment, in addition to the decorative aspect, we also have to focus on each item’s usefulness and practicality. Meanwhile, there is one thing that we often miss for our home. It’s about an air purifier. The unit about taking good care of our health. And, it’s an expert at filtering out dust and pollutants from our living and breathing environment.

10. Guardian Technology

Guardian Technology ranks among the best for plenty of reasons. First, the filtration system can trap around 99.97% of those allergens, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and dust. Therefore, it refreshes the air environment around them. It can remove pollutants with a size of 0.3 microns from air. Besides, it’s an applicable machine with a standard of your houses with 120 volts AC.

In addition, Guardian Technology features UV lights that kill viruses such as rhinovirus, staph and influenza. It’s compatible with Titanium Dioxide so as for a reduction of volatile organic matters from the environment. Users can operate it in a quiet mode. Besides, we should replace the filters every between six and eight months.

9. Levoit

Levoit is impressive as an air purifier most suitable for a large room.The air purifier can trap pollutants with a size 0.3 micron as small. Therefore, it can remove 99.97% of pollen, bacteria and dust to enable once again a fresh room environment. Moreover, the HEP filter is designed to cut down pet odors from the environment.

It takes Levoit only 30 minutes for you to feel the fresh room environment once again. The coverage area is up to 881 square feet. We all can set it into an auto or quiet mode as well. In fact, it functions very quietly with noise as low as 25dB only. Lastly, users set timers within a 12-hour period with the air purifier as well.

8. Levoit 2

Levoit 2 designs a LED display for users to read the air purifier’s status. Besides, you can turn off the display at night so as to avoid bothering your sleep from those lights. The company assures Levoit 2’s qualities and energy efficiency with its customers with those CE and FCC certifications. Furthermore, we all can operate Levoit 2 in a low noise level of 52dB.

Users can run it in an auto mode. The product will read air quality automatically. It thus adjusts among three fan speeds so as to make comfortable your room environment. Lastly, it can trap 99.97% of pollutants from your spatial environment.

7. Guardian Technology 2

What’s great about Guardian Technology 2 is that users will get five years of warranties with limits from the company. That’s a doubled warranty adding to advantages belonged to the air purifier itself. When it can trap around 99.97% of pollutants such as pollen, dust mites and pet dander from your room environment, the air purifier can cover an area of 180 square feet. Users are required to only change the filter between 6 and 8 months only.

Lastly, it has lights from UV C that can kill mold spores, germs, viruses and airborne bacteria. It’s a good thing to have for Guardian Technology 2.

6. Winix

Winix is an excellent option for bigger space First, it operates at a low noise level of 27.8dB. Furthermore, Winix air purifier is good to cover an area of 360 square feet that is a good size for a large room.

In addition, it boasts PlasmaWave tech to break down pollutants such as vapors, chemicals, allergens and odor. In fact, Winix has three different stages of cleaning. Lastly, the product also has four different modes including sleep, low, medium and high as well.

5. Levoit 3

You cannot just miss Levoit3. It is a purifier machine which can cover an area of 500 square feet. Users will find effectiveness with the machine within 30 minutes of operating it only. For a room as large as 300 square feet, it will take you 18 minutes only. Levoit 3 can trap and filter out 99.97% of pollutant particles with a size 0.3 microns as small.

The machine operates at a noise level of 23dB, making it a friendly choice for households with kids

4. Guardian Technology 3

It’s amazing that Guardian Technology 3 can literally kill germs in a snap. With the lights from UV C, the air purifier can literally kill those airborne viruses such as rhinovirus, staph and influenza. In fact, Guardian Technology 3 can filter out 99.97% of those harmful pollutants such as mold spores, pet dander, pollen, etc.

Lastly, there are three speed settings for customization with it.

3. HoneyWell

There’s no doubt HoneyWell improves your air quality. It features three different cleaning modes and turbo cleaning settings. Users as a result can set those settings according to your room environment and situations. When HoneyWell removes those particles, it can also capture odors and germs with the filter as well.

The air purifier just refreshes your room’s air environment. In fact, the air is refreshed five times every hour with the air purifier for a large room.

2. Winnix 2

Winnix 2 will operate at a low noise level of 27.8 dB. The air purifier just breaks down pollutants, chemical vapors, allergens and odor from your room environment efficiently. The machine is good to operate in a coverage area of 360 square feet. Moreover, it can trap out 99.97% of pollen, pet dander, dust mites and airborne pollutants. Particles with a minimum size of 0.3 micron can get trapped with Winnix 2.

1. Levoit 4

Levoit 4 is our ultimate favorite.The unit functions at a low noise level of 24dB. Besides, pollutants around 99.97% will get trapped with the air purifier. These also include those pollutants with a minimum size of 0.3 micron as well. Furthermore, the UV light from the air purifier just kills those bacteria and viruses.

Levoits 4 is safe as it receives numerous certifications for the product’s quality and safety to users.


Owning an air purifier at your rooms assures your healthy lifestyles. In overall, there are many ways to look for a premium air purifier including its mode settings and capacity to trap and/or kill pollutants such as dust or viruses.