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10 Best Speaker Stand Reviews For 2021

Having a great quality speaker stand is really important as it provides a lot of benefits when you listen to your speakers. It improves your sound quality, and you wouldn’t have to use your headphones which is safer for your hearing. Additionally, it is not a good idea to buy the cheapest one as it might end up damaging your speaker instead. So, here are ten top state of the art speaker stands.

10. Sanus Speaker Stand

Designed to place your SONOS ONE, ONE SL, Play:1, and Play:3, Sanus Speaker Stand is the perfect product for you. With the anodized aluminum, it allows your speaker to stand stunningly. Moreover, with its tool-free height adjustment feature, it enables you to raise your speaker to stand at the perfect height for you. Without blocking out cords and buttons, it mounts your speaker to be securely stable.

Additionally, press fit cable management is made to conceal the cables neatly. With 15 minutes of installation, you can enjoy your home karaoke at the utmost experience.

9. HomTek Echo Dot Stand

The HomTek 360 degree adjustable echo dot stand allows you to rotate your dot towards any position for better views and sound. Made from high quality and anti-scratch silicone pads, it prevents your speaker from slithering and vibrating.

Furthermore, this table holder is the excellent choice for anybody who needs an echo dot stand. It is incredibly convenient to use and easy to set up with no tools required. And since it is light and small, you can easily bring it along with you to anywhere you please.

8. Audioengine Speaker Stand

Coming in pairs, Audioengine speaker stands are made from silicone rubber to fit precisely to your small desktop speakers. These 5 x 7.75 inches base mounts support your speaker stably, and decrease the chance of shaking, making it easier for you to hear better and clearer sound.

What’s more, having this heavy duty product standing next to your monitor will also make your desk look amazing and you won’t have to put up with the annoying vibration that your speaker makes on the table anymore.

7. AutoSonic Stand

AutoSonic stand is built specifically for Amazon Echo Show 5 devices. Skillfully made with magnetic attachment, it connects your device tightly and securely so that you can enjoy and experience the fantastic sound and view. This 2 x 3.32 x 1 inches stand is a must-consider product, as it is not only space-saving but also protects your device from splattered liquid.

It is also known as a tilt function stand, allowing you to swivel your device in 360 degree. There’s none better than AutoSonic stand for Echo Show.

6. Alantic Speaker Stand

The top quality steel constructed Alantic speaker stands can hold up to 20lbs of bookshelf speaker. The set of 2 speaker stands come in 10” x 10” x 30” inches. This entire product is designed to be light weight, in order to allow the users to change the position of the speaker efficiently.

Moreover, the base is crafted in non-marring feet which makes it easier to set up and it is well-organized with its cable management. So buy this durable, safe and secure stand now for superb entertainment at your home.

5. Perlesmith Speaker Stand

Crafted from heavy duty cast iron, this sturdy triangle base Perlesmith speaker stand is a non-slip single stand. It has two styles of base feet installation for you to choose in order to meet your liking. Furthermore, you can mount your speaker from the height of 30” to 45” in three different setup options such as L-shaped, keyhole or top plate. What’s more, it is easy to use and assemble, so stop putting up with your inconvenient one and get yours.

4. Atlantic Speaker Stand

Can’t get enough of Alantic speaker stands? Well, here is a heavy duty powder coated aluminum speaker stand for you. Coming in two adjustable speaker stands; this satellite speakers can hold up to 5lbs. Measuring 11.5 inches in width, 10.5 inches in depth and standing at a height of 49.25 inches, it allows you to extend the height from 27” to 48”.
Designed in non-marring three side base feet, it provides secure stability to the users. What’s more, you can also conceal your speaker wires inside the pole and base.

3. Echogear Outlet Shelf

If you are looking for a shelf that is both organized and room-saving, Echogear wall shelf is an optimal choice for you. After a few minutes of basic installation, you will have an outlet shelf that can hold up to 10lbs of weight. Its overall dimensions are 5.32” x 4.77” x 6.84”.

This shelf is also very easy to use with its built in cable channels. The cords fit perfectly through the hole so it is accessible to the outlet. When you purchase it, it’s like adding counter space to your room without renovating your house.

2. VideoSecu Speaker Stand

Standing at 26.5” to 47” high and is 5.5” to 11” wide, VdeoSecu speaker stand mount is designed purposefully for height and width efficient adjustment, in order to meet your preference. Made from heavy duty steel structure, it allows the stand to hold up to 30lbs of weight.

In addition, it is able to move in 180 degree, with a top plate for level adjustment, and screw-in rubber feet in the base for stability on carpet or hard floor. With its concealed cables management system, your living room will still look tidy.

1. Sanus Speaker Stand

The slim Sanus stand is crafted for small bookshelf and satellite speakers. Produced from heavy gauge offset steel, this stand is extremely durable which can support a weight of 3.5lbs. This height versatile (between 28” to 38”) comes in three optional adaptors to match with any kind of speaker. Its base is made from heavy cast iron, being able to hold your speaker sturdily and securely.


You have just browsed through the top 10 best speaker stands. These picks are top contenders of the year. They are top-rated for their outstanding design, superb craftsmanship, and exceptional performance. Hence, get yours, and you won’t regret it.