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10 Best Time Clock For Small Business Reviews For 2021

Hello buyer. It is nice to have your attention once more. If you came here, chances are that you are shopping for a reliable employee time clock for your business, which is a good move. After all, with one, you will be able to track your employee work hours more efficiently to ensure you only pay for actual hours worked. Without wasting your time, I am going to introduce some ten top-rated employee time clocks for small businesses.

Table of the Best Time Clock For Small Business:

10. Acroprint timeQplus Time and Attendance System

This amazing Acroprint timeQplus barcode time and attendance system clock works great and it is even compatible with a variety of third party accounting & payroll software. It features multi-departmental tracking & comprehensive reporting, as well as an LED display control panel with easy-to-reach buttons, built-in clock & calendar. You also get a free 30-day support and 360-day warranty from the manufacturer when you buy this incredible biometric time clock for small businesses.

9. TotalPass P400 Employee Time Clock

This TotalPass product is arguably the best time clock for small businesses on the market. The TotalPass P400 employee time clock helps you to automatically calculate the timecards for up to 25 employees, saving your business time. Do not forget that this can be upgraded so that it covers no less than 50 nor more than 250 employees. The key features of the clock include; support for multiple time clock entry options, including PIN, Web Punch, & RFID, Network & Web connectivity, USB input port and a control panel with an LED display panel and easy-to-reach buttons.

8. Lathem 2100HD Maintenance-Free Time Clock

This popular time clock for small businesses boasts an ultra sleek design with heavy-duty construction. The Lathem clock boasts an easy-to-read display, patented thermal WhisperPrint technology, and blue lights that turn green when an employee time card is properly aligned during a swipe moment. Plus, the card is automatically punched when properly aligned. Other important features include a built-in clock, six different print formats for printing; including, day of week, month & date; time in the 12 and 24-hour clock formats, etc

7. Allied Time USA AT-3000R Digital Time Clock & Date Stamp

The Allied Time USA AT-3000R clock efficiently tracks employee time so you do not pay for hours not worked. This digital time and date stamp features quick setup and installation, easy alignment, accurate printing window, and hassle-free time stamping process and thirteen assorted printed messages such as Faxed, RCVD, Sent, etc. Besides card, it will print on any other type of paper for document stamping

6. Pyramid 3500 Multi-Purpose Time Clock & Document Stamp

Pyramid Time System’s employee time clock system perfectly keeps track of employee time and easily performs what we call “time-stamping”(the processing of a sequence of encoded information or characters identifying when a given event took place, normally providing date as well as time of day). This portable employee time clock unit features; back-lit LCD screen, time stamp alignment indicator, 12 hour and 24 Hour time formats, flexible time card & document side loading, and auto reset for Daylight Saving Time, short months, and leap year.

5. Pyramid 4000 Auto Totaling Time Clock

The Pyramid 4000 employee time clock is designed to accurately calculate total worked time between punches as well as accumulate worked hours per pay period. With a capacity to handles up to 50 employees, this unit perfectly serves small businesses with a few dozen employees. It can greatly help with weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay periods. Some of its notable features include auto reset for Daylight Saving Time, short months, & leap years, two security keys, high-tech LCD display, and highly responsive touch buttons.

4. uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle

This amazing uPunch starter time clock bundle equips you with everything you require to begin efficiently managing your staff time and attendance, including an electronic time clock, two keys, one ink ribbon, 100 time cards, and one time card rack. This time clock provides the simplicity and convenience of a high-tech time clock bundle with an incredible set of features. Some of the most notable features of this clock include a highly responsive automatic card feed, sleek control panel with an LED display and touch buttons, tamper proof casing, and built-in clock & calendar.

3. Pyramid 2500 Time Clock Bundle

With the Pyramid 2500 Small Business time clock bundle, keeping track of employee time has never been so easy. This portable unit efficiently records employee time as well as attendance for each pay period not to mention that it is designed to handle an unlimited number of employees. The clock records three In/Out punch cycles daily, prints time in 12 and 24 hour clock formats, and displays data on a brilliant LCD display. Other notable features of the Pyramid 2500 Auto Aligning Time Clock include one ink ribbon cartridge, two security keys and one 10-slot time card rack. Plus, the product comes with 100 Time cards, plenty enough to cater for all of your employees. Considering the higher features that this product has to offer, I would say this is another best time clock for small businesses.

2. uPunch Time Clock Bundle

The uPunch HN4500 small business time clock tracks your staffs” start times, lunch times, as well as finish times with maximum precision and accuracy. This amazing time log unit for employees perfectly calculates overtime, rounds punch times, and deducts breaks and lunches directly on time cards. It features two keys, 2 time card racks, 3 ribbons, a smart LED display, an LED indicator, ergonomic touch buttons and a tamper proof casing. Coming with up to 200 cards, this unit is ideal for small businesses with up to 50 employees.

1. Allied Time USA AT-4500 Time Clock

The Allied Time USA AT 4500 business time clock efficiently calculates regular as well as overtime work hours so you get to pay only for work done and your employees get to earn the amounts they truly deserve. This product is about creating compensation fairness between you and your works. Featuring a standalone design, 12 and 24-hour clock formats, quick & easy menu guided setup, 1 key, an LED display and easy to reach control buttons, this unit works great with maximum ease of use.

3 Expert Tips to Buy a Business Time Clock

Consider the number of your employees. As you can see, business time clocks support various maximum numbers of employees. Some support up to 50 employees whereas others 100, 150 or more. If you have 100 employees, you will need to go with a clock that supports up to 100 or more workers.

The number of keys.

While most standard clocks come with one key, some high-end clocks, especially those that are designed for small businesses with higher numbers of employees have 2 keys or more for extra security. As such, you will need to decide between a clock with a single key or one with two or more keys.

Consider brand.

There are so many brands of substandard business time clocks out there. The problem with these brands is that their products neither last long nor work as promised. As such, it is important to go with a brand that you know is popular rather than just pick any other brand out there due to price enticements. uPunch, or any other brand on this list can be a great way to start.

Final Thoughts

uPunch, Acroprint, Total Pass, Lathem, Allied Time USA, Pyramid Time Systems are the most trustworthy brands to consider when shopping for a reliable employee clock for your small business. Consumers and experts alike rate the above products highly for performance and value for money. Most importantly, use the expert tips above to get your hands on the appropriate clock, depending on your needs, preferences or situation.