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10 Best TV Stand Reviews for 2021

If you own a TV, a TV stand is a complementary item that will intrigue you. Perhaps just when you are looking to buy a TV, you already start to consider the perfect matching TV stand that goes with your TV. Nowadays, people usually prefer mounting the TV to their wall to save space. It is a good idea but it also comes with a hefty amount of inconveniences such as risk of falling, ability to move the TV elsewhere easily and screw holes in the wall. Here is where TV stands come to the rescue.

A TV stand is not just a piece of furniture for your TV to stand on. It can also structure stands that are made of wood, steel or iron that holds your TV. It can provide many other perks like storage, decoration, design and even features to hold your media, fireplace or collections. The following list will give you review insights of 10 best TV stands that you can buy right now.

10. Walker Edison Farmhouse

This TV stand is a perfect addition to your living room if you are looking for a wood piece design to add a little bit of natural esthetic. A special feature that manages the cords to run behind the TV stand assure that you would not have to deal with messy cables. The shelves are spacy and adjustable for your own preference.

The wood material is high grade and sturdy ensuring long-term usage. There are sizing options for you to choose from starting at 44 inch to 70 inch.

9. VIVO Universal Tabletop TV Stand

If you already have furniture to place your TV on, then a tabletop TV stand can give you extra comfort and a better experience with your TV. This tabletop TV stand is an additional item that allows you to adjust the height of your TV to fit your most comfortable viewing level. If the furniture that you put your TV on is too short and low for your eye level, this tabletop TV stand will help you fix just that.

It is made from steel that is durable, sturdy and can handle a maximum of 110 pounds. The design ensures perfect balance for your TV’s base. On top of it all, the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty and support as well.

8. PERLESMITH Universal Swivel TV Stand

If you have a TV that used to be mounted and no longer have a base to stand, this swivel TV stand is here to save the day. You can simply attach the TV to this swivel stand and it is all good to go. It allows different height adjustments as well as you can rotate it 30° left or right.

No more complications with perfect angle viewing from any corner of the room. Sturdy and secure build for your TV plus a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.


A large TV stand with lots of compartments for storage. This TV stand has 2 separated levels. You can put your game console or sound bar here. While the second level has the storage and two more open compartments in the middle. You can also put your media players there. Even though it is designed with recycled materials, it still looks very strong and stunning with a black surface finished.

6. Walker Edison Furniture Company

Another one from Walker Edison, this is also a barn style design look. However, different from the one above, it has a classic sliding barn. It is unique looking and stylish. It is a great piece of functional furniture to add to your home space. It provides a lot of additional storage while holding your TV on top.

5. Hermudu Universal Swivel TV Stand/Base

This TV stand is also a swivel type like the one previously mentioned above. However, this one allows more angle rotation up to 45 degrees to the right or left. You can adjust between 4 height levels to fit your eye comfort. There is also a cable management feature to help keep the cords organized.

4. WALI Universal TV Stand

Also another tabletop TV stand but it offers a little for a bit less. This TV stand have two height levels for viewing adjustment. The bottom of the TV stand is padded to prevent unwanted abrasions for the surface. It is simple, functional and affordable for those who are looking for a TV stand that acts as a base.

3. Furinno Turn-N-Tube

This TV stand is durable and affordable. You are also contributing to the environment by buying because it is made from recycled materials. Even so, it is still strong and sturdy. The design is minimal with levels of compartments.
The compartments are open display made easy for stacking and storing. However, it is only suitable to withstand a maximum weight of 60 pounds.

2. Walker Edison Minimal

A TV stand that also has a fireplace in it for cozy chilly winter days. This is perfect for those who like to chill by the fireplace because now you can also Netflix at the same time. A great piece of furniture that will add a lot of values to your living space. With this TV stand, you can keep warm and relax.

A perfect combination and value for your money. Bonus: the fireplace only requires a simple plug-in to run.

1. PERLESMITH Universal

Finally, last on the list is another tabletop TV stand. This is a universal design that will fit with most types of TVs. A lot of adjustable features for height levels, positions and applications for the perfect fit for your TV and viewing. Everything is designed with quality, durability, stability and functionality in mind.


To sum up, the above products are the most sought-after models of tv stands available for online purchase today. Hence, if you have found a favorite, reserve yours whilst stocks last.